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Quadstone Paramics is a leading traffic microsimulation software comprised of a suite of microscopic traffic simulation tools. Traffic microsimulation describes the process of creating a virtual model of a city's transportation infrastructure in order to simulate the interactions of road traffic, and other forms of transportation, in microscopic detail. This involves treating each vehicle, bus, train, tram, cyclist, pedestrian etc. in the model as a unique entity with it's own goals and behavioural characterises; each possessing the ability to interact with other entities in the model.


Paramics Microsimulation


The four Paramics Microsimulation packages are Desktop Edition, Standard Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition. Paramics Desktop Edition is the entry level package providing the core tools of suite; Modeller , Processor , Analyser and Designer . Paramics Standard edition allows you to select one additional module whilst Paramics Professional Edition allows two additional modules. The additional modules, Estimator , Converter and Programmer , are all included with the Paramics Enterprise Edition package.


The chart below shows the various available options.


  Quadstone Paramics Brochure

Paramics Modeller

Modeller provides the three fundamental operations of model build, traffic simulation (with 3-D visualisation) and statistical output accessible through a powerful and intuitive graphical user interface. Every aspect of the transportation network can be investigated in Modeller. An optional Pedestrian Simulation Module (PPM) is available as an optional feature.

Paramics Processor

Processor is a batch simulation productivity tool used for easy sensitivity and option testing. Processor can be used to automate simulation and analysis processes, reducing user down time and speeding up the model development lifecycle.

  Paramics Analyser

Analyser is the powerful post data analysis tool used for custom analysis and reporting of model statistics. Analyser can be used to interrogate a single set of data or it can be used to compare or average multiple datasets from multiple sources e.g. base layout, alternatives, and observed field data helping to speed up the model calibration and validation process.

  Paramics Designer

Designer is a 3D model building and editing tool provided for use with Paramics Modeller. It can be used to prepare complex and life-like 3D models to aid visualisation for presentation and movie capture. Designer is free to any licensed user of the Paramics applications and is provided with over 900 ready-to-use 3D models.

  Paramics Monitor

Paramics Monitor calculates the levels of traffic emission pollution on a road network. The pollution levels are collected for every link in the network by summing the emissions for all vehicles on the link. These levels can be written to a statistics file at regular intervals.

  Paramics Estimator

Estimator is a revolutionary OD Matrix estimation tool designed to integrate seamlessly with the core Paramics modules. Estimator utilises all aspects of the core Paramics simulation, ensuring maximum compatibility between the OD matrix, model structure, and underlying assignment techniques.

  Paramics Converter

Converter is designed to take existing geometric network data from a range of sources and "convert" it into a basic Paramics network. Converter can work with data from various sources including, emme/2, Mapinfo, ESRI, Synchro, Corsim, Cube/TP+/Viper, flat ASCII, and CSV.

  Paramics Programmer

Programmer is a comprehensive development API for the Paramics suite. It is the most powerful research and customisation tool available for users interested in microscopic traffic simulation. Programmer allows users to augment the core Paramics simulation with new functions, driver behaviour and practical features.


Pedestrian simulation models are generally described as agent based computational models for simulating the actions and interactions of autonomous individuals with a view to assessing their effects on the system as a whole.

  Enterprise Support

ESM delivers our most comprehensive level of support; providing a range of additional features along with a higher service level agreement. The service is both proactive and personalised to ensure you maximise your on-going return from investing in the Paramics technology.


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