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Sinu Varghese

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CSI is recognized worldwide as an innovative leader in the development of software tools for the analysis and design of civil structures. CSI products are licensed to thousands of structural engineering firms throughout the USA and in more than 100 other countries.


ETABS has been recognized as the industry standard for Building Analysis and Design Software. Today, continuing in the same tradition, ETABS has evolved into a completely Integrated Building Analysis and Design Environment. The System built around a physical object based graphical user interface, powered by targeted new special purpose algorithms for analysis and design, with interfaces for drafting and manufacturing, is redefining standards of integration, productivity and technical innovation .

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  SAFE v12
SAFE is the ultimate integrated tool for designing reinforced and post-tensioned concrete floor and foundation systems. This version introduces versatile 3D object-based modeling and visualization tools. Charged with the power of SAPFire, this release redefines standards in practicality and productivity.

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SAP2000/Bridge Modeler Wizard introduce the steps that are necessary to create a Linked Bridge Model. The Wizard guides the user through the bridge model development, load pattern and load case definitions, and finally analysis results options.  For the purposes of the training seminar, a single bridge structure will be developed from beginning to end.

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