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Sinu Varghese

  Mob: 9061365020
  Tel: 0484-2320280
(9Am to 6Pm)
  Formation Design Systems specializes in 3D software systems for the Design, Analysis & Construction of all types of marine vessels. The software systems provide naval architects and shipbuilders with a complete range of software tools for all phases of the ship design and construction process. All modules in the range operate from common data sources which allow design changes to flow through from design, to analysis, to production.
  Maxsurf Multiframe version 11  

Offers highly specialised tools for modelling hulls, appendages and superstructures using trimmed NURB surfaces. Also includes parametric transformation, on-the-fly hydrostatics and curvature evaluation.

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Multiframe Version 11
Version 11 adds an innovative new method of applying area loads to structures. Whether it be from wind, dead, live or snow loads, areas loads are common and often tedious to apply to frame structures. The new technique allows to user to sketch load panels which are supported by members in the structure. When an area load is appplied to a load panel, the resultant distributed loads along its supporting members are automatically calculated and displayed.
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