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MAP (Micro Application Packages Ltd) has established itself as a leading supplier of software to the Global Construction Industry. MAP has gained International recognition as a company with a particular breeding. The core products have been specifically written to fulfill key stages within the HVAC, Mechanical, Public Health and Electrical Containment industries, from design and estimating, through co-ordination to procurement and manufacturing.


Estimating & costing

EST mep+

ESTmep+ is  MAP's powerful estimating system for the creation and management of bids/tenders for MEP contracts. At the heart of the software is an extensive database of ductwork, pipe work and electrical components representing the product ranges of industry standard suppliers to the construction industry. The flexibility of the program enables the system to calculate prices for an infinite range of products including material costs, workshop fabrication time and site installation time.

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EST duct


ESTduct is our HVAC Ductwork estimating system for producing & managing contract tenders or bids. The current generation of the software is a comprehensive estimating solution in it's own right, but it was developed in conjunction with our CAMduct and CADmep+ systems to enable full integration. With all 3 systems using a common database, fitting libraries and file formats the level of integration between them is seamless and unparalleled within the industry. 

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  Design & modelling 
CAD mep+

CADmep+ (alias CADduct/CADmech) loads as an approved application from within AutoCAD. CADmep+ contains HVAC, mechanical, public health fitting and equipment libraries based on leading manufacturer's products. There are also electrical containment and structural steel libraries.

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Constructi cad

Constructicad offers the user extensive content of real-world leading manufacturer products. Building imported from Tekla, dust extraction & cladding designed & added in Constructicad . 3D view of a complete pipework system & Cladded building with ACM panels can be designed using Constructicad.
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  Manufacture & PRE FAB
  Cam duct

The CAMduct package incorporates all the features necessary to efficiently control the manufacturing of ductwork components. The software is the perfect choice for use in the HVAC, dust extraction, industrial ventilation, nuclear, marine & offshore sectors plus other similar applications.  CAMduct contains the most extensive content database of real-world manufacturer's products.  CAMduct includes a highly accurate automatic nesting system .

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  CAM lite

CAMlite features the most extensive libraries of rectangular, round and oval fittings available. The patterns are suitable for welding or seaming and can have metric or imperial dimensions. All patterns have configurable options: seam positions, OD/ID diameters, fold notches and many more.

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  Duct board

MAP Software has developed the total production software for Ductboard manufacturing.The Ductboard System is a pre-insulated ducting system, manufactured from rigid phenolic insulation panels. Ductboard is a proven, innovative product that is easy to install and maintain providing a new perspective in the fields of air distribution.

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  Profile master

Profile Master is the advanced CAD/CAM system for the production of components on profile cutting machines (Plasma, Oxy/Gas, Laser, Router, Water Jet) . Modular in design, the program is available in a variety of standard configurations designed to suit specific requirements, all with an easy upgrade path to more advanced features.     

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  PM cut

PMCut combines this latest technology to provide a eplacement Controller that will prolong the life of existing machines at reasonable cost

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  Data Management

orbitor is a standalone Free Viewer that can be downloaded and used by anyone to quickly walkthrough Building Service Models produced by CADmep+ or Constructicad. Architecture and structures can also be imported into the Model and viewed.

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  Remote entry

Remote Entry is a solution that offers manufacturers the option of supplying customers, or 'remote' sites, with a method for quickly inputting parts to be manufactured or estimated. An export file is then 'sent' to the supplying company for subsequent processing.

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  Spool it

Spoolit produces dimensionally accurate 2D and 3D spooled drawings with lists of materials, required for pre-fabrication and manufacturing. Ductwork, pipe work and electrical containment service models can be isolated into data rich sections. Those chosen, can be printed out specifying the areas required for pre-fabrication with the associated accurate dimensional data. Entire runs of ductwork and pipe work can be produced in the same manner using Spoolit.
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  Track it

Track-It is module for use with CADduct, CAMduct or ESTduct that allows the User to Track Manufactured, Bought Out and Equipment Items (Products) through the Building Project Life Cycle.

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