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Bentley Students Ambassador Program in Universities

The Bentley Student Ambassador, chosen and nominated by Institute management from each stream/course will be trained by InterCAD Systems and in turn will share this knowledge with all fellow students. Ambassador is go-to person for students and educators to get acquainted with Bentley, Bentley software and the Infrastructure Industries that use Bentley products. Bentley Student Ambassadors will lead activities and projects that encourage use of technology in a fun and creative way. They should be able to connect with peers and faculty in their own way, using means commonly used by students

Who can be Bentley Student Ambassador

  1. Must be currently enrolled in a full time, accredited academic program in applicable subject areas
  2. Involved with student organizations and activities
  3. Friendly and approachable
  4. Enthusiastic, social, outgoing, passionate about technology, communicative, friendly, approachable, creative, resourceful
  5. Adept at use of social media and blogging
  6. Familiarity with Bentley and Bentley’s software applications is a plus
  7. Prepared to set aside dedicated time for work related to the Bentley Student Ambassador work. What is in there for Bentley Student Ambassador?
  8. Window to visualize their future in college and create a robust career plan
  9. Opportunity to be introduced to Bentley User and other potential employers
  10. Competitive advantage during placements in the form of a Letter of Appreciation / recommendation from Bentley Systems
  11. A chance to hone leadership and organizational skills, and for increased visibility to peers and faculty on campus
  12. Opportunity to be a part of a global network of student representatives for Bentley Systems
  13. Complimentary access to pre-defined, Bentley-hosted events, on-site and on-line
  14. The privilege of receiving a sneak preview of the “next generation” technologies
  15. Chance to be recognized as top Bentley Student Ambassador

Our Partial Client List

  1. College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram.
  2. TKM college of Engineering Kollam.
  3. Federal Institute of Science and Technology Ernakulam.
  4. Sarabhai institute of Science & Technology Thiruvananthapuram.
  5. Travancore Engineering College Kollam.
  6. Mar Baselious college of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram.
  7. CSI College of Engineering Nagarcoil.
  8. Srividya College of Engineering & Technology Virudhunagar.
  9. Toc H Institute of Science and Technology Ernakulam.
  10. Sreepathy Institute of Management& Technology Palakkad.
  11. Muthoot Institute of Technology and Science Ernakulam.
  12. VimalJyothi Institute of Management and Research Kannur.
  13. UKF college of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram
  14. ValiaKoonambaikulathamma college of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram
  15. AmalJyothi College of Engineering, Kottayam

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