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Solid Edge 2020


The latest version of Solid Edge software from Siemens Digital Industries provides next-generation technologies that solve today’s toughest product development challenges. With new features such as augmented reality (AR), expanded validation tools, model-based definition, 2D Nesting and extensive enhancements to core computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities, Solid Edge 2020 can be used to enhance collaboration and fully digitalize the design-to- manufacturing process.


Synchronous Technology

The cornerstone of the Solid Edge portfolio is its market-leading computer-aided design (CAD) application. Solid Edge with synchronous technology is the only CAD tool that provides you with the freedom to design naturally and iteratively with ease. In today’s open, highly connected digital design environment, interoperability is no longer just a nice feature to have − it is essential. Siemens synchronous technology provides the common language for the next generation of product designs.

Mechanical design

Visualize and validate your ideas with next-generation technology, from augmented reality to model-based definition.

Solid Edge simulation

Fully integrated and accessible from within Solid Edge, Solid Edge Simulation accelerates design analysis and help you to reduce or eliminate engineering prototypes. Solid Edge Simulation employs the powerful Nastran® software solver, so you can analyze 3D parts and assemblies.

Reverse engineering

Regardless of where or how parts are created − imported from other systems, digitally scanned or products of a generative design analysis − Solid Edge provides you with uniquely powerful tools to prepare faceted bodies for downstream modelling and/or manufacturing.

Generative design

Solid Edge Generative Design is a powerful solution that enables quick creation of optimized, lightweight product designs. It provides the latest topology optimization technology for fast and accurate   so you can digitally analyze factors such as weight targets, load cases and other constraint scenarios simultaneously.

Data management

Solid Edge offers a scalable set of data management solutions to meet the varying needs of manufacturing organizations. Solid Edge enables you to rapidly implement data management practices to improve workflows and experience measurable results, such as improved revision control, faster engineering changes, and reduced errors.

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