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  • Welcome to InterCAD Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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Design smarter both today and tomorrow. Creo Parametric positions you to be more productive than ever with the most robust 3D product design toolset and the new functionality you will need to design the products of the future.


3D solid modeling

• Create precise geometry, regardless of model complexity

• Automatically dimension sketches for fast, easy reuse

• Quickly build robust engineering features such as rounds, chamfers, holes, and more

Robust assembly modeling

• Enjoy smarter, faster assembly modeling performance

• Create simplified representations ‘on-the-fly’

• Share lightweight yet fully accurate model representations using the unique Shrinkwrap™ tool

• Leverage real-time collision detection

Technical surfacing

• Develop complex surface geometry using sweeps, blends, extends, offsets, etc

• Trim/extend surfaces using tools such as extrude, revolve, blend, and sweep

• Perform surface operations such as copy, merge, extend, and transform

•Define complex surface geometry

Detailed documentation including 2D and 3D drawings

• Create 2D and 3D drawings according to international standards, including ASME, ISO, and JIS

• Create an associative Bill-of-Material (BOM) and associated balloon notes automatically

• Automate the creation of drawings with templates

• Define complex surface geometry

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