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FEASTSMT (Finite Element Analysis of Structures) is ISRO's structural analysis software based on Finite
Element Method (FEM) realized by Structural Engineering Entity of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre
(VSSC). The software is developed in C++ Programming Language based on Object Oriented (OO)
principles. Substructured and Multi-Threaded (SMT) implementation of the solver ensures high
performance of the software to the end users.


Analysis Capabilities

The current version of FEASTSMT 2018 R1 includes linear analysis capabilities. This is packaged in a modular form for academic and commercial usage by combining the basic and supplementary module.

Graphical User Interface

Reduced learning time and improved efficiency with an intuitive GUI.

  • Multiple ways of command access to create and manipulate the models
  • 3D visualization of models
  • Mask selected entities
  • Seamlessly integrated pre and post processing, data translation and solution
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Log file generation
  • Inbuilt scripting language

Material Models

  • Isotropic
  • Orthotropic
  • incompressible
  • Layered Orthotropic

Building Geometry model

  • Large set of modelling tools mimicking CAD software
  • Geometrical model is created using points, curves, surfaces and volumes and expanded through the Translation, Rotation, Reflection, Scaling, Sweeping, Extrusion, Projection manipulations

Model editing

  • Simplified model editing operations
  • Convert element types
  • Split elements
  • Direct editing of all data through EDIT page
  • Update or edit loads and local coordinate systems

Mesh generation

Supports mapped and automatic meshing techniques

  • Bar2, Bar3
  • Quad4, Quad8, Quad9
  • Tria3, Tria6
  • Hexa8, Hexa20, Hexa27
  • Tetra
  • All QUAD automesh

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