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Forest Pack


Forest Pack is the world's most popular scattering plugin for 3ds Max®. It provides a complete solution
for creating vast areas of objects, from trees and plants to buildings, crowds, aggregates, ground-cover, rocks and more. If you can model it, Forest Pack can scatter it.


Max 2020 and Arnold Support

Forest Pack 6 adds compatibility with 3ds Max 2020 including support for Arnold, Autodesk's powerful new built-in renderer.

V-Ray improvements and Next support

Render with the latest versions of V-Ray, enjoy improved stability when using IPR mode, and faster proxy loading times.

PFlow Support

Scatter items on static or animated particles while retaining Forest Pack's best-in-class randomization and instancing capabilities.

Interactive Distribution Along Splines

Scatter along splines with Forest Pack 6's new fully interactive path mode. With controls for spacing, offset, path following and randomization.

Effects Improvements: Multiple Effects

Use as many effects as you need simultaneously, including any of the 30 new effects added to the built-in library.

New Tree Library

Quickly populate scenes using Forest Pack 6's free high-quality starter collection of trees and plants, including 11 new species.

Select all dependencies

Select all of a Forest objects dependency with a single click including geometry, areas, surfaces, splines, objects and more.



RailClone is the world's most powerful artist-friendly parametric modelling plugin for 3ds Max®. Its unique array-based approach to asset creation is fast, efficient, and easy-to-learn. RailClone is unlike other parametric tool. Create objects by distributing and manipulating geometry created using standard modelling techniques - if you can model in Max, you can create procedural objects with RailClone.


Max 2020 and Arnold Support

RailClone 3.3 adds compatibility with 3ds Max 2020 including support for Arnold, Autodesk's powerful new built-in renderer.

V-Ray Next and Corona 2 support

RailClone supports the most popular renderers in the industry, including the latest versions of V-Ray Next and Corona 2.

Clipping improvements

Use the material IDs assigned to closed splines for conditional effects and the new Auto Align and Hierarchy modes to make it easier than ever to create arrays from multiple closed splines in a single click.

Improvements to RailClone Tools

New options in RailClone Tools to force instances, generate separate meshes for non-instantiable geometry, or compile them into a single object.

RailClone Color

Randomize between up to 20 maps per segment including the ability to tint bitmaps from either a gradient, a random pixel from a texture or a map applied to a surface.

More Powerful Default Modes

Adaptive and Count modes allow you to scale segments to avoid sliced geometry, and they've now seen a significant upgrade with the addition of support for beveled corners.

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