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What is Adobe Experience Cloud?

It’s a collection of best-in-class solutions for marketing, analytics, advertising, and commerce. All integrated on a cloud platform for a single experience system of record.

The experience platform for the experience business.

Adobe Experience Platform was built from the ground up with one purpose — making world-class experiences. That means no more duct tape and baling wire. And because it’s the first platform to use data from the Open Data Initiative, it means all of your data is working together to make your best customer experience a reality. Adobe Experience Platform is a key component of the new Open Data Initiative.

Customer experience management just got real.

Digital transformation has to be about delivering world-class customer experiences. Which means it begins and ends with data. Without the right data, there’s no clear view of the customer and transformation dies on the vine. But in most businesses, data is fractured, coming from many sources, meant for different purposes, and stored in different places. Which means fractured customer experiences.

To truly transform and deliver world-class experiences, you need a real-time picture through behavioral, transactional, financial and operational data of what your customer is doing right now, on any device, through any channel. And that takes a solution that reimagines customer experience management and allows you to weave all of your data — CRM, ERP, commerce, sales, product usage, and more — into that complete, single customer view that lets you take action in real time.

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